develop your potential

Dare Yourself

All human being has the power of its becoming. A unique identity that drives us in a way our consciousness may not understand.

How to assume our desires and overcome one's judgment? How to free one's power for becoming fully ourself?

It is a journey I offer you to take on a short path.

Because you feel supersensitive, with an extraordinary vision, in quest of meaning, willing to go through a challenge... You will gain in strength, trust and autonomy. You will discover an unknown and unlimited potential: yours.

What for?


  • Freeing oneself from anxiety,

  • Composing with emotions,

  • Improving presence & leadership,

  • Improving relationships & communication,

  • Gaining in awareness and freeing oneself from psychological games,

  • Raising one's awareness,

  • Overcoming fears, life challenges,

  • Undertaking choices by developing internal drivers,

  • Knowing oneself better.

The individuation process is a journey that requires passing through different steps for freeing one's potential.

Whom for?

  • Adults (up to 45)

  • Teenagers (from 13)

  • Supersensitive / high potentials

  • Intellectual professions

Our Meeting point

I offer you to work in a cosy and warm place, surrounded by plants, with a clear view above Lille rooftops, in St Maurice Pellevoisin district.

Easily accessible from public transportation (metro, bus), you can also park your car or bike in the street.

A discreet cat lives there.

Webcam services: It is possible to work by distance using WhatsApp, Skype. It is recommended doing a first one on one meeting at Lille or Prémesques, prior this option.

Book a meeting on

your professional

Passionate about our Universe and Laws that drives it, I first studied sciences and astronomy. Graduated from a french "Grande Ecole" and an english college, favoring well-made minds to full minds, I have worked a couple of years in the private sector in France and abroad, with multidisciplinary teams. My passion for psychology and Man has always made me look at life and work with a unique sight.

Finishing my book, which invites all of us to develop our consciousness, I started my journey on my own individuation path. Today I walk with men and women willing to dare themselves, by freeing one's emotional and cognitive power.

As a man in quest, I have also been through rough challenges. It was difficult for me finding people in my surroundings, capable of welcoming who I was with an unconditional love, in my fears and in my dreams for leading me on my unique path.

Certified in therapy and in executive coaching (influenced by Carl Rogers & the Gestalt), I grow and draw knowledge from compared studies of psychology, analytical psychotherapies (Jung & Freud), and philosophies.

Passionate about mind and body union, I practice a traditional yoga since 2012.

I limit the number of consultation per day to guarantee a deep and powerful work.

contract and confidentiality

  • I pledge my honour for respecting your physical and psychic integrity, non-judgment and unconditional acceptance.

  • I pledge to respect the french Deontological Code of Psychology, built in March 1996 and revised in February 2012, with some extract below:

Article 7 : The obligations regarding the respect of the professional secrecy are essential whatever the framework of exercise.

Article 9 : Prior any intervention, the psychologist ensures the willingness and informed consent of those who consult him or participate in an evaluation, a research or an expertise. It is therefore obliged to inform them in a clear and intelligible manner of the objectives, the modalities and the limits of its intervention, and the possible recipients of its conclusions.

Article 23 : The psychologist's practice is not limited to the mettons and technique employed. It is inseparable from a critical appraisal and from a theoretical perspective of these techniques.

  • Sessions are payed on the day of the consultation. Any absence and cancellation less than 24 hours before the meeting will by due (except in cases of major force).


The approach has therapeutic virtues on self-esteem, self-confidence, personal development.

Socratic maieutic, linked to emotions and body, is preferred during our work. However, more concret tools like the MBTI inventory, PNL, AT (transactionnel analysis), Erickson approach, can by used on demand.


Recommended frequency: from 2 to 3 weeks.

Contactez moi

Charles Crouzat

4 rue du chevalier Français,

59800 Lille 

(métro St Maurice Pellevoisin)


Prenez RDV avec votre Psy Lille en ligne, appelez-moi, ou envoyez-moi un message par la boite de contact ci-contre.

*Prospection commerciale interdite. Merci.

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